Serena Williams and Amy Schumer Show Off Their Bodies

Serena Williams


Tennis superstar Serena Williams and comedian Amy Schumer too part in the Pirelli 2016 calendar. In a show of defiance towards their social media trolls, that constantly has harsh views about their bodies by world-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz.   Which normally have scantily clad women on their calendars, decided to go with a different theme this year. This calendar includes a bevy of women that personify courage, accomplishment & excellence in their respective fields.  

amy schumer

Serena William’s trolls have always viewed her for having a so-called man body. I beg to differ; Serena has one of the sexiest bodies I ever seen. Serena has always been in my top 5 of dream girls. Amy Schumer has also been shamed for her body by social media trolls. That hides behind a keyboard or cell phone. At the same time, it wouldn’t hurt Amy to get in the gym about 3 times a weak. What did you expect me to say? Serena is in shape, but Amy isn’t and I’m a man. Amy is definitely brave for this photo shoot, she needs a Girl Scout keep it trill badge.

Serena Williams



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