Dabb in the new dance craze

This dance record now has the internet going crazy.  You can see NFL star quarterback Cam Newton doing this dance in celebration of a touchdown as per below.  These dance records have a way of becoming very lucrative to an artist.  DJ Big Will has come with a new dance sensation, by amassing over 530,000 plays.  Take a listen and I dare you to not try to Dabb on em.


DJ Big Will Dabb





“Dabb On ‘Em”

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Early “ONLINE” placement Highlights:

Baller Alert just named their top 10 songs to “Dabb” to and “Dabb On Em” by Big Will is # 5!
The video she used in the IG video to her 1 Million+ followers is our song!


The song has over 380,000+ plays on Soundcloud



Over 7 Million views on this one viral dance video alone on Facebook



You can see a lot of the social media posts that are pulled together in this one video.



Additionally, guys like Cam Newton are doing this dance as a celebration dance after scoring in the NFL.



“Dabb On Em” was mentioned in this Bleacher Report article.


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